What We Are ?

SOS Financials Services is a company dedicated to making your life easier. In short, we do everything we can to make bookkeeping, bill paying and financial decision making reliable, easy and stress free. We are extremely passionate about it! Way too many hours are spent by small business owners trying to do their bookkeeping (something they usually hate to do) instead of running their business and doing the things they love to do. We know small business owners spend countless hours after normal business activities doing book work instead of spending time with their families and friends and likely, the information they spend so much time on… is not really that valuable to them anyway. These facts really bother us!

Who We Are ?

We are a team of financial professionals that don’t just do books. We have managed our own businesses, we have managed other people’s business and we all have an extreme passion for business process improvement. We are thrilled to help small business owners make better decisions off the information we provide. We are honored to make recommendations that help your business grow and be more profitable. We love to hear that we have eliminated stress and anxieties related to running your own business. And, most importantly, thoroughly enjoy knowing that our customers are on vacation or spending quality family time instead of doing bookwork.

What We Provide ?


·       Clear, concise and accurate results where you can easily see how each property is performing and how it compares to the other properties in your portfolio.

·       A monthly dashboard of metrics for you to analyze to make sure the most important aspects of your business are having the results you expected and desire.

·       Easy to understand and discuss metrics and reports that you can share with family, banks, investors or your CPA for tax purposes.

·       Quick reference reports for mortgages, Investor payoffs or land contract dates.

·       YTD Summaries for contract labor – 1099’s with alerts when approaching certain reporting thresholds.

·       Verifications of escrow balances and alerts of when you are going below targeted levels.

·       Monthly summaries of how much to move from regular business accounts to escrow accounts and maintenance fund accounts.

·       Good, solid easy to understand business recommendations.

·       Reconciliation of bank accounts and many other services to make your business easier.

·       Simple to use property management tools to assist you in tracking key data.

·       Easy and efficient methods of getting all this done with minimal effort on your part!

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